How to start selling art on Etsy.

lundi, janvier 30, 2017

Those of you who have been following my Facebook and Instagram have surely noticed at the beggining of this year I decided to start my Etsy shop.  I wanted to change a little bit my online selling and open my art world for an international audience. I've just replaced my own online store and reopened my Etsy shop, rebranded and replaced old products with new ones. I’m still learning how it works and trying to do all my best to promote my selling because I think It’s great to have an alternative stream of income aside from my irregular freelancing. I hope it will bring me some new opportunities to introduce my work to new people. 

All the products in this blog post care for sale in my Etsy shop.

If you’ve decided like me this is the year that you’d like to start making money from your creative hobby, start selling your own handmade creations, vintage finds, or craft supplies to a marketplace of more than 24 million shoppers around the world you should definitely sign up to the 
Maybe you need some advices or inspirations to start this journey, Etsy Seller Handbook may help you a lot. I use this guide to developing and promoting my brand, you can find some interesting marketing tips. A lots of inspiring stories you will find on the Etsy Blog.

If you already decided to become a seller on Etsy you can use my special, invitation link (klick here), use this code and open your new shop on Etsy, you will get 40 free listing for publishing-selling 40 new products for free. If you have any questions, please email me.
Have a great Etsy journey!

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