Take me to Paris Calendar 2017, available on my Etsy shop.

dimanche, janvier 01, 2017

Mood board "Take me to Paris", photo via pinterest.com , Anna Ostapowicz

"Take me to Paris" Calendar 2017, Anna Ostapowicz
I'm always excited to share something new. This time I would like to present you my New 2017 Illustrated Calendar. Maybe you had a chance to see the first edition, printed last year. This year I decided to make it different, so I created 5 new watercolor illustrations about my favourite city, Paris. It has been a pleasure to spend a creative week in my studio before I left Paris for a long holiday break. Paints, papers, pencils, all around me!
Finally, a few days ago Mr. UPS :) has brought me a small carton box from the printer. I've been waiting for this moment so long, that I couldn't stop myself to opening the box. I love to see every finished project printed on the white paper.
The new Calendar 2017 is available on my Etsy Shop in two dimensions A4 and A5 as a limitted edition print, 30 piece of each size. The title is "Take me to Paris", so pack your bag and go with me for this magic journey! 

Wish You Beautiful
 New Year !

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  1. Beautiful, romantic, flirty, and charming, you captured the essence of Paris in this gorgeously designed Paris calendar. The color tones and elegant images allow me to dream that I am in Paris. I certainly feel I can take your advice and pack my bags to go on this Paris journey!

    Lindsey @ Nosto