Illustrated culinary guide, Odette in Paris, the best choux à la crème ;)

samedi, mai 27, 2017

Photography and illustrations : 
Anna Ostapowicz,

Hello my dear friends and followers!

Today I have a huge pleasure to show you one of my favourite place in Paris where you can taste the best "choux à la crème" - cream puffs in the town. Odette, 77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris, a small, vintage place at Saint Michel district, located near Notre Dame, always full o people. Why? because of well known delicious and beautiful type pastries in every kind of colours and flavours. You can drink here a good espresso or take some cold drink and spend some lovely time with book or ... sketchbook.  
I made a watercolour hand painted illustration of Odette, and when my boyfriend asked me yesterday "Why have you chosen this place as an inspiration?" My answer was quite simple, "Oh! Because it's so charming, is in it?!" 

The unique watercolour illustration Odette, 2016 is available at my Etsy Store here.

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