Illustrated culinary guide, The best coffee - La Fontaine de Belleville in Paris.

lundi, juin 12, 2017

 photo and illustration Anna Ostapowicz

 Hello my dear friends and followers!

As you might have noticed I like to discover some interesting places with my sketchbook in hand, especially in Paris. I love to share with you my experiences. After a while I'm coming back with something new, blue and original. La Fontaine de Belleville, one of my favourite coffee place in original style 'café à la française'. Here you can drink a delicious coffee from around the world, carefully selected form small producers.

La Fontaine de Belleville is situated in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, 31-33 Rue Juliette Dodu, with a charming vintage look and a magical old fashion atmosphere of this city. If you are lucky enough like me :) you can listen to a nice live jazz improvisation and simple enjoy your weekend brunch with the best coffee on the terrace. 
To keep my unique memories of this place alive, I painted a small, original watercolor. If you are interested just have a look in my Etsy shop. Wish you a pleasent time in La Fontaine de Belleville.

The unique watercolour illustration  La Fontaine de Belleville, 2016 is available in my Etsy Store here.


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